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Nancy Landon, 2019 Excellence in Finance

Nancy Landon

CFO and CPA,

Independent School District of Boise City

Photo by Pete Grady.

Finding a healthy balance between work and family is at the top of Nancy Landon’s priorities, and she seems to have achieved it. Landon is the CFO for the Independent School District of Boise City and seeks to contribute to the overall educational wellbeing of students through her work with the finances of their institutions.

Her dedication and accomplishments add up to excellence in her career.

AJ Balukoff, a former trustee of the Independent School District of Boise City, believes Landon’s work is not only exceptional, but necessary to the development and execution of the district’s comprehensive budget each year.

“I have had total confidence in Nancy’s ability to lead the district’s finance, accounting and budget department,” Balukoff writes in a letter of recommendation. “Under her leadership, the district has provided award-winning financial statements that have always earned a clean opinion from the independent auditors.”

This inclusive and progress-focused manner of working led Landon to make a notable accomplishment on the district’s behalf: achieving the first and only AAA bond rating by a public entity in the State of Idaho. The rating, awarded to the Independent School District of Boise City, is the highest credit rating available for a government entity.

Working in education brings with it a great amount of diversity in terms of interactions and types of work, Landon says. From working on bonds to meeting with construction managers and architects, she gets a true behind-the-scenes look.

While she may not be working directly with students, Landon focuses on serving the greater good of students in Boise, and this sentiment is one that can be seen in each project she completes.

“Mrs. Landon believes deeply in the mission of the Boise School District, ‘Educating Today for a Better Tomorrow,’ and it shows in her work,” writes Coby Dennis, superintendent of the Boise School District, in a letter of recommendation. “She treats all stakeholders with respect, dignity and honesty. Leaders, in any capacity, must lead by example and hold employees to a standard that is consistent with the standard they retain for themselves.”

Through all of her many accomplishments while working in finance and, more specifically, with the school district, Landon has maintained a philosophy of ethical leadership. Landon believes that it is not only crucial to leading a team, but imperative for governmental work, and it has been one aspect of her career that has led her to excellence.

“Ethical leadership is what everybody should strive for when you work with the government, with governmental funds and taxpayer money,” Landon says.

“I think you need to really show that you have ethics, that you’re safeguarding the assets associated with the governmental entities, and that they have confidence in the work that you’re doing. I instill that in all of our principles, I instill that in all of my staff, as well. The most important thing is that we can stand up and, any time, say we’ve done the right thing with every dollar that we’ve had from the taxpayers.”

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