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Todd Christensen, 2019 Excellence in Finance

Todd Christensen

Senior vice president of marketing and business development,

CapEd Credit Union

Photo by Pete Grady.

Todd Christensen attributes his lifelong interest in finance and business to something his father said to him when he was 8 years old.

“I recall, very vividly, an experience with my dad,” Christensen says. “We went to open up a banking account, and before we went in, he said, ‘Son, there are people who collect interest and there are those who pay it. Be the one who collects it.’”

With that spark of interest in finance, Christensen set out on a career that would take him from Boise to Australia and eventually back to Boise. He is now the senior vice president of marketing and business development at CapEd Credit Union.

Christensen says he’s always respected CapEd, and knew he’d like to work there someday.

“When I was at Boise State, I was a member of CapEd as a student, and I always appreciated and valued their commitment to supporting the education community,” he says.

After living in Australia, Washington state and other parts of Idaho, Christensen told his wife if an opportunity to return to the Treasure Valley arose, and specifically, if a position with CapEd Credit Union became available, he would want to pursue it. When he came across the job listing for his current position, he showed it to his wife. She asked when she needed to arrange for a moving van.

Christensen is proud to be able to help CapEd strengthen its commitment to the education community, specifically by supporting early childhood learning and literacy programs.

“I like being with an organization that has deep roots in the community, strong brand values and a commitment to supporting our mission and vision with vigor,” Christensen says.

CapEd’s mission to support early childhood learning and literacy is aided by its mascot and “reading ambassador” Ed Word the Bookworm, a puppet used to support CapEd’s elementary reading program called Read to Rise, which is also the name of the CapEd hot air balloon that flies at the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.

“I would say my greatest success here at CapEd is putting together an incredible team of talented marketing and business development professionals,” Christensen says. “One of those is our creative director, Matt Johnson. He germinated the idea of Ed Word the Bookworm.”

Away from work, Christensen loves to spend time with his family.

“I enjoy being with my wonderful bride of nearly 25 years, and our awesome kids, and now our new grandchild,” he says. “We enjoy spending time together as a family, whether that’s outdoors, enjoying time on the water, or inside a theater, enjoying great movies.”

Christensen also enjoys woodworking. He builds many items for use around his home, and he recently traveled to Washington state to join about 35 other volunteers working with the Timber Frame Guild to build three structures, including a large pavilion.

Personally and professionally, Christensen says he lives by a motto he’s developed over the course of his career:

“Do the right thing, for the right reasons, and the right things will happen in life.”

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