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No business lounge planned at Boise Airport yet

photo of airport lounge

Airport lounges, like this one in Lisbon, Portugal, are growing in numbers and use worldwide. Photo by Sharon Fisher

The Boise Airport has a plan to add $200 million of upgrades, but that isn’t likely to include a business lounge, according to administrators.

“The Boise Airport is always looking for ways to expand amenities offered for passengers,” said Seth Briggs, marketing manager for the Boise Airport, in an email message. “Currently, there are no plans for a business lounge at the Boise Airport. However, as new or currently leased space becomes available, the airport would issue an RFP, which would open up the possibilities of a business lounge concept.”

For many travelers, an airport or business lounge is an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the airport, with amenities such as free food, drinks and even showers and massages — not to mention, plentiful electrical outlets and WiFi. People buy memberships, pay by the day or get lounge access as a credit card benefit. Individual airlines, credit card companies such as American Express and lounge-only companies such as Priority Pass provide them, and their development and use has been growing.

photo of bill connors

Bill Connors

“Anything that makes business travel easier and more productive is something we have always supported,” Bill Connors, president and CEO of the Boise Metro Chamber said in an email message. But it isn’t clear that one is needed, he continued.

“I use the airport frequently, and flight delays and cancellations are pretty rare, and that’s when people use these lounges most,” Connors said. “Our airport is so efficient, I’m not sure a lounge would attract enough users. … The other times they are used frequently are between major connections at hub airports. We are not a major hub.”

Among the upgrades in the works at Boise Airport are three parking garages and a concourse, which will be built in the next five years.

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