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Christine Salmi, 2019 Leaders in Law

Dedicated, compassionate and engaged

Using legal expertise to lend a helping hand and mentor new lawyers


Christine Salmi

Christine Salmi poses at the Idaho Capitol building. Photo by Pete Grady

Christine Salmi is an accomplished and highly respected attorney who leads by example.

Her most important work has been legal representation provided at no cost in child protection cases and domestic violence disputes.

For almost two decades, Salmi has represented, on a pro bono basis, court-appointed guardians for children who were brought into foster care.

She also served as a member of Attorney Advisory Council for CASA, an organization that sponsors and promotes court-appointed volunteers for neglected children.

In several instances, Salmi ensured these children were placed in a safe and nurturing permanent homes.

“I believe that attorneys have a special responsibility to help those who cannot help themselves,” says Salmi. “One particularly vulnerable group of people in this regard are young children who are the victims of abuse and neglect by their parents.”

Salmi also co-founded the Idaho State Bar’s Appellate Practice Section and has been very active in organizing continuing legal education programs, both at the federal and state level.

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As chair and member of the governing council, she also co-edited the Idaho Appellate Handbook and has written several articles on appellate practice and procedure.

The Section has received a number of awards from the Idaho State Bar for best practice section in the Bar. It also won an award for writing the best articles for the Bar’s monthly magazine, The Advocate, one of which was written by Salmi.

For years, Salmi has volunteered her time to be a mentor and makes herself available to assist new lawyers as they negotiate their careers.

“Her willingness to dedicate her personal time to others demonstrates leadership that deserves to be recognized,” says Peg Dougherty, managing counsel at St. Luke’s Health System, in a letter of recommendation. “Christine is a genuine leader whose demeanor, professionalism, and selfless assistance to others would put her at the top of many people’s lists. She is certainly at the top of mine.”

For the last three years, Salmi has served as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals appellate lawyer representative for the district of Idaho.

As a liaison between Ninth Circuit appellate judges and members of the Idaho State Bar, she attended a number of judicial conferences where she represented Idaho attorneys.

In this role, Salmi helped raise important practice issues that their attorneys encountered when appearing before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

“Christine’s commitment to service and leadership spans beyond the legal profession,” says Molly O’Leary, attorney and founder of [email protected], in a letter of recommendation. “In a word, she is engaged and, because she is engaged, her leadership has benefited her community as a whole.”

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