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Shavonna Case, 2020 Women of the Year

Chief Operating Officer

ArmgaSys, Inc.


Shavonna Case, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

Calm music plays in Shavonna Case’s office, a stark contrast to employees walking around with faux super hero capes and the promise of activities involving soda and doughnuts. Case planned last year’s spirit week; this year, her assistant took it on.

Case, CEO and cofounder at the software company ArmgaSys, regularly handles day-to-day matters of company promotion, finances and human relations, both inside and outside the business. She is particularly proud of the company’s internship program, Hatch Academy, which she helped establish about eight years ago. High school and early college interns in the program do programming used internally.

“Shavonna takes time on their very first day to sit down with each of them and just welcome them,” said Rachael Myers, Case’s assistant. “(She) encourages the interns to take part in the game room … (goes over) the expectations … just so they’re really gaining that experience not just as a software developer but also just being in an office environment, so I think she’s not hands-off when it comes to even an intern walking in our building.”

This is Case’s approach to her career and her philanthropy: to set organizations and people up for continued success.

“I’ve been an executive assistant for quite some time (and) I have to say that I’ve never worked for someone who really wants to put you in a position to be successful and I feel like she really does that for everybody here,” Myers said.

After organizing a particularly successful fundraising gala for the Idaho Shakespeare Festival, Case is now handing over the reins. Last year, the gala raised $100,000 more than ever before, Case said, and now she is taking on a different role with the organization as vice president of all fundraising.

Case also serves on the Faces of Hope board. Case says she does not have a personal story that relates to the cause, but she was moved by such stories at the organization’s gala last year.

“I thought … I can’t give them all my money … but I can help raise awareness and fundraise,” said Case. “(They had) a gal that got up and spoke … she’s just thriving in the community. She needed a chance.”

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It reminded Case of her early career when she didn’t feel qualified as a “20-something teeny-bopper” to help manage millions of dollars worth of accounts.

Case helped with customer service. She remembers one account where the clients were bound to the company by contract.

“They couldn’t get rid of us, but they hated us,” said Case. “I made it my mission to turn that relationship around.” Down the road, when Case was going on maternity leave and changing job roles, the clients brought her in for a meeting and Case was showered with baby things and cake.

“So that was a pivotal moment for me,” Case said. “We’re all just people … that human element of conversation, that can get you a really long way.”

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