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Becky Enrico Crum, 2020 Women of the Year


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Becky Enrico Crum, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

In her work and life, Becky Enrico Crum leads by example and action. Raised by an entrepreneurial family in a small business, Enrico Crum learned the value of honest, hard work at a young age.

As a realtor, Enrico Crum stands out from her peers because she is dedicated to helping people through major milestones in their lives. She dedicates her time to help others succeed and her determination inspires those around her.

“I truly love helping and working with people. I believe everyone’s important and deserves to be treated that way,” Enrico Crum said. “I’ve always felt a genuine interest to understand other people’s experiences and ideas, allowing me to develop trusting relationships. Through these relationships, I’ve been able to accomplish more and open more doors for others along the way.”

When the recession hit in 2008, Enrico Crum was forced to reinvent herself. At 42 years old, she had to start over in a brand-new career as an account executive in order to support her family, which was also in the real estate business.

Fueled by optimism, determination and her faith in God, Enrico Crum persevered. Four years later, she went back into real estate with a newfound appreciation for everything, as well as new skills and a wider perspective.

“Becky is a ray of sunshine who has not only elevated her profession through her commitment and dedication to mentorship and training, but also through her perseverance during the tough times,” said Megan Ronk, director of business innovation & development at Idaho Power. “During these moments, Becky never complained and was always enthusiastic, which is a true test of someone’s character.”

Outside of work, Enrico Crum is assisting in the development of a nonprofit organization called Idaho Access Project. Her friend, Dianna Willis, is a blind woman whose mission is to create accessible communities for people with disabilities.

By guiding her through the logistical steps and helping spread awareness, Enrico Crum is helping Willis share her story with the community — a story that will hopefully be the driving force behind the nonprofit’s success and help turn Boise into a “smart city.”

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“I’m very excited about the project.” Enrico Crum said. “Something I like to do is helping other people in the community, and helping to connect them with other people to get their mission done.”

Among her many accomplishments, Enrico Crum is most proud of her children for following their entrepreneurial passions. Her son, Dallas Crum, has a social impact travel business and digital marketing agency called Live Vividly. Her daughter, Madison Crum, owns and operates Southeast Volleyball Club.

“We enjoy doing things as a family,” Enrico Crum said. “I think that is a huge accomplishment, because trying to balance family, work, and clients is challenging, and so I’m just really happy that we have come out on the other side and my kids are doing what they’re doing as well.”

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