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Kim Kaine, 2020 Women of the Year

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Hawley Troxell


Kim Kaine, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

Despite entering a male-dominated industry 33 years ago, an unexpected first job would give Kim Kaine the confidence and mentorship necessary for her career.

Kaine had not planned on entering commercial real estate marketing, but Trammell Crow Company gave her a chance. She was determined to work hard for the company in Dallas, Texas.

“I just think it sort of gives you a step up and encourages you to make more of yourself,” said Kaine. “They saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself, apparently.”

Kaine said she was the only female manager, but she was never talked down to, nor asked to get the coffee.

Her career would take her to three other states before she settled in Boise in 2011, when she became the marketing director for Ballet Idaho. That connected her to Camp Rainbow Gold, an advisory committee on which Kaine now serves.

“That’s always very attractive to me … when it’s really about the mission and the goal, and people are true to it,” said Kaine.

Though not an attorney or partner of the private law rm, Kaine is seen as a mentor for the attorneys.

“I think she was really aware that I might feel insecure, out of place, and so went out of her way to make intentional introductions,” said Allison Parker, an attorney who worked with Kaine at Hawley Troxell. “And (she helped) me learn how to have conversations with people and was very thoughtful in helping me understand how to engage in the business community in a meaningful way.”

Parker also remembers Kaine connecting Hawley Troxell with Ballet Idaho: Community members would get to watch a rehearsal, hear about the dancers’ coaching and mingle with the dancers after. Parker said the Treasure Valley is lucky to have Kaine.

“I think she looks for a lot of really innovative ways for people to engage with Boise institutions that maybe they haven’t been able to experience otherwise,” Parker said.

Kaine’s networking includes connecting the U.S. Patent and Trade Office to legal institutions and Boise industries, Parker said. Kaine also helps with Boise Startup Week and is a resource for Parker’s endeavors with One Stone.

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“I love bringing people, everyone, together,” Kaine said. “And it’s not always just for Hawley Troxell, it’s maybe more for the industry of law, of building here in Boise … it’s just a matter of just bringing people together, for the good.”

Kaine is grateful for the environment of collaboration and trust at Hawley Troxell. She sees herself as a team member and has helped the rm expand its availability to its clients and the public through podcasts, seminars and webinars. She also connects attorneys with community endeavors she’s con dent they will enjoy and contribute to in a meaningful way.

“They’re incredibly generous to the community, not only of their dollars but their time,” Kaine said. “I’m given the space, I’m given the rope and the opportunity to be able to do these things.”

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