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Claudia Weathermon Tester, 2020 Women of the Year

Director of Marketing and Communication

Saint Alphonsus Medical Center


Claudia Weathermon Tester, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

Longtime Treasure Valley resident Claudia Weathermon Tester has seen a lot of change to the valley over the years, but there’s one thing she said hasn’t changed: People want to give back. And that includes her. During her professional career, first as a journalist and now as a marketing and communications professional, Weathermon Tester has championed causes close to her heart.

“Anything that we accomplish together, we can stand back and say, ‘Hey, we got together and made somebody’s life better,’” Weathermon Tester said. “Whether it’s having more programs at the library that give kids hope and expose them to new worlds, or helping a woman to get her mammogram and catching her cancer early enough that it can be cured.”

Weathermon Tester is a graduate of Treasure Valley Community College and Boise State University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in political science, American government and public policy. Her broadcast journalism career from 1985 to 2003 included KHQ Television in Spokane, Washington, KTRV Television in Nampa and KIVI Television in Nampa. She was previously communications and recruitment manager for St. Luke’s Elks Rehab System, is the media relations manager for the Snake River Stampede Rodeo and co- owns Jon Carson Consulting with her husband Dave Tester.

Weathermon Tester has been a fixture at local fundraisers and events, whether hosting, speaking or volunteering. In 2019, Weathermon Tester teamed up with others passionate about improving library service to start the Meridian Library Foundation, a nonprofit that provides financial support for the capital needs of the Meridian Library. Through fundraising, the foundation was able to provide support for unBound, the Meridian Library’s technology-focused branch.

Passionate about health-related causes, Weathermon Tester volunteers for Stampede for the Cure, a program with the Snake River Stampede Rodeo that helps local women pay for mammograms.

Weathermon Tester said she is driven by her passion to work with people.

“I want to serve them and help them get better at what they do,” Weathermon Tester said. “Especially in the health care environment, you see the full spectrum of humanity. You see people in their most desperate hour and you see people rejoicing at the birth of a baby they never thought they would have. It is a rewarding, spirit-filled environment.”

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Her passion for health-related work, and connecting with people in that work, led Weathermon Tester in 2019 to accept the position of director of marketing, communications and foundation for Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Ontario. The position is a homecoming of sorts for Weathermon Tester, who grew up in Ontario.

In her work, Weathermon Tester demonstrates authenticity and generosity, wrote longtime friend Jean Mutchie, community health manager of St. Luke’s Health System, in a recommendation letter.

“Claudia is gifted at making everyone feel like someone, and I think that leadership trait is far too often overlooked,” Mutchie wrote. “Claudia’s ability to remain anchored to her humanity creates a dynamic energy that makes people gravitate toward her.”

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