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Leanne Marie Rousseau, 2020 Women of the Year

Associate Medical Director

Heritage Health


Leanne Marie Rousseau, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

Leanne Marie Rousseau has accomplished many things in her life, but raising four sons and being instrumental in the founding of Heritage Health are among her proudest.

The inspiration to study medicine formed at an early age. Rousseau’s father was a family physician, one who was originally grandfathered in and boarded into family medicine when it became a specialty, she said.

“We’d spend every Sunday in his clinic after church while he was rounding at the hospital,” Rousseau said. “I think growing up it was just a part of my life and I grew to love science,” Rousseau said.

Rousseau started her education at Carroll College in Helena, Montana. It was there where she met her husband of 39 years. Following his path would take her to the University of Washington in St. Louis. She later attended medical school at the University of Utah.

She gave birth to her son during her third year of medical school.

“Many may look at that as a challenge but I saw it as an inspirational thing,” Rousseau said. “It grounded me, kept me going and made me realize the importance of balance in life.”

Throughout her life, Rousseau has always put others first, whether that’s her family members or her patients. Mike Baker, the CEO of Heritage Health, sees the full impact of her service.

“She probably has one of the biggest hearts of you know, any medical provider I’ve ever met,” Baker said. “That translates into caring for her patients, caring for the team around her and trying to make this community a better place.”

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Rousseau looks back on her career at Heritage Health with pride.

“Being instrumental in founding that clinic professionally is certainly my greatest professional accomplishment,” Rousseau said. “It’s been a huge service to serve the uninsured.”

Rousseau hopes to find balance in the new year, focusing on all aspects of her life in a more balanced manner. Cherishing the time she gets to spend with her husband, sons and her grandchildren will be a top priority. Professionally, she hopes to educate the up-and- coming health care providers in the community.

“We have a lot of nurse practitioners and PA students and it’s a real joy to work with them and help them get trained to be providers for the community,” Rousseau said. “I would really like to see a robust physician mentor our village, so to speak, and bring people into the community to continue caring for our patients.”

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