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Rebecca Watkins, 2020 Women of the Year

Senior Vice President and Relationship Manager

Key Private Bank


Rebecca Watkins, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

Rebeca Watkins began her career while in junior college, working at a bank and taking classes part- time.

She went on to earn a bachelor’s degree while working full-time and raising children.

“Every night when I went to class and would leave my children and my husband, I would sit my children down and explain to them how important education is,” Watkins said. “It is so important that I would leave them two nights a week to complete my degree.”

Her passion for education rubbed off, and all three of her children have gone on to graduate from college. Watkins is proud of her family and proud of all the relationships she has formed with clients in the community.

Throughout her 20 years at Wells Fargo and her time at Key Private Bank, where Watkins is a senior vice president and relationship manager, she has helped families and individuals achieve their personal financial goals.

“I was able to shepherd them through their financial goals and see families achieve their financial and personal aspiration, and that made me feel as though I was a part of their success,” Watkins said. “That is so rewarding to me. I am truly passionate about helping my clients achieve financial peace of mind.”

Along with using her expertise with clients, Watkins has volunteered with the American Heart Association and holds a board position at Saint Alphonsus. She was also the chair for the 2019 Festival of Trees, a fundraiser hosted by Saint Alphonsus

Watkins considers the team that helps her put together the event a family. Her own personal values are reflected in the core of Saint Alphonsus’s mission, she said, including reverence, commitment, justice, stewardship and integrity.

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Her mantra in life is that people might forget what you do and say, but never forget how you make them feel.

“I feel that Saint Alphonsus truly believes in their healing ministry and that speaks to me,” she said.

When Watkins made the move to Key Private Bank after creating a name and brand for herself at Wells Fargo, she was glad to once again work closely with customers.

Her husband, Tim Watkins, has seen her work with clients firsthand “She is successful in business, but it is not really about what she gets out of it; it is about leading her clients towards financial security for themselves and their families,” Tim Watkins said. “It is not about a bonus or her pay and it never really has been her primary focus.”

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