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Stacey Katseanes Satterlee, 2020 Women of the Year

Executive Director

Idaho Grain Producers Association


Stacey Katseanes Satterlee, 2020 Women of the Year honoree.

An alfalfa farm girl at heart, Stacey Katseanes Satterlee didn’t set out to be a leader in agriculture, but a spontaneous internship led to 10 years working in DC which propelled her into roles representing cattlemen and food producers and more agricultural interest groups.

Katseanes Satterlee had just finished college. Nearing 22 she and her father packed up a car and drove to Washington, D.C., for Katseanes Satterlee to intern in Sen. Mike Crapo’s office where she would experience writing speeches and giving tours and answering correspondence and tracking press coverage.

A friend in the “legislative shop” connected Katseanes Satterlee with her first job with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. Then she represented the Western Growers Association and the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.

“I’m kind of proud that I picked up literally from the farm and went to Washington, D.C. all by myself,” said Katseanes Satterlee. “It’s kind of a crazy thing to do. And I did it. And it worked. And then I’m kind of proud of the fact that I got out.”

Katseanes Satterlee is back now, with her three children and husband. Her hobbies include reading, enjoying music, downhill skiing and being outdoors, and cooking and baking (especially with her children). She’s grateful to be back closer to her supportive family.

Now, she is approaching her fifth year with Idaho Grain Producers Association.

“I love Idaho. I love agriculture. I love farming,” said Katseanes Satterlee. “It was undeniable that this was kind of the job for me.”

There was a time, though, when Katseanes Satterlee was out of the agriculture scene. Her first job back was with the National Cancer Society Cancer Action Network.

“My boss’s heart, at the time, could see I had the skillset but I didn’t have the knowledge base,” Satterlee says. “I don’t think anyone should suffer from cancer, so I was like then if that qualifies me, I know how to lobby and I know advocacy.”

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She did have to learn about current health care issues, and policies the organization hoped to change. She met with volunteers, many who had a direct connection to cancer, and lobbyists, some of whom Katseanes Satterlee is still friends with. This experience, Katseanes Satterlee feels, made her a more well-rounded person.

“The volunteers would come (to) meet legislators, (and) Stacey was able to calm those volunteers’ nerves, talk them through the process, make them feel empowered,” said Elli Brown, who worked with Katseanes Satterlee in the cancer action network.

Brown considers Katseanes Satterlee a reliable, encouraging friend, and mentor.

“She has what I believe to be a forward vision about what Idaho can and should be and is willing to be at the table and have not always easy or comfortable conversations about how to get there,” Brown said. “I think she is willing to take a stand when necessary, be reasonable and it is clear people are willing to … listen to her and her advice. They appreciate her vision, her opinion and believe that she is a leader.”

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