Idaho-based technology startups receive national attention

Sharon Fisher//May 11, 2020

Idaho-based technology startups receive national attention

Sharon Fisher//May 11, 2020

photo of tamarack aerospace winglet
Tamarack Aerospace, whose ATLAS Active Winglet helps reduce drag and saves fuel., was recently named to a list of best startups in Idaho. Photo courtesy of Tamarack Aerospace

Idaho-based technology companies have received a number of national accolades.

Tech Tribune recently published its annual list of the 10 Best Tech Startups in Idaho. While a number of the companies were familiar and had been included on the organization’s lists in the past, there were several companies new to the list, including Cauze, xCraft Enterprises, PlexTrac and ClickFunnels.

“We’re always excited to get recognized and proud to be a part of the Idaho startup scene,” said PlexTrac founder and CEO Dan DeCloss, in an email message.

The Eagle-based security company received $1 million from the StageDotO investment company in August.

“At ClickFunnels, we aim to build entrepreneurs at all stages of their business, including the startup phase,” said Russell Brunson, co-founder of the company, in an email message. “Being recognized as one of the best tech startups in Idaho shows that we practice what we preach. It’s a great feeling to not only help startups but to be recognized as a top startup in Idaho.”

Tech Tribune publishes a Best Tech Startups list of independent, privately-owned companies that have received at least one round of funding for every major city and state in the U.S., as well as for the U.S. as a whole. Factors include revenue potential, leadership team, brand or product traction and competitive landscape. The company partners with Crunchbase.

photo of leif elgethun
Leif Elgethun

In addition, Leif Elgethun, co-founder and CEO of Retrolux, was interviewed by Tech Tribune as part of its Profile of a Founder series.

“The local tech startup scene in Boise has been growing by leaps and bounds,” Elgethun told the organization. “We have so many successful companies, a few significant exits, and a rapidly expanding support ecosystem to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed. Boise’s been in the top 5 for fastest-growing cities, and we’re starting to attract folks from other major tech hubs that are looking for a better quality of life. We still have room to improve, but I’m confident Boise is going to keep improving and will be a top tier mid-market tech city very soon.”

Other companies named to the 2020 Idaho list included VisitPay, a patient financial engagement platform that simplifies the hospital patient billing experience; Tamarack Aerospace, which manufactures airplane parts; AppDetex, which helps companies protect brand identity; Silverback Learning Solutions, which develops educational software; Black Box VR, which produces virtual reality-based exercise equipment and software and Pingman Tools, which makes software-based network management tools.

VisitPay, AppDetex, Black Box VR, Pingman Tools and Retrolux were also named to the Tech Tribune list of the 2020 10 Best Tech Startups in Boise, while Silverback Learning Solutions was the sole entry on the list of the Best Tech Startups in Meridian for both 2020 and 2019.

Best startup employers

ClickFunnels, along with HouseCheck, were also the only two Idaho companies named earlier this year to the Forbes list of America’s Best Startup Employers. Boise-based HouseCheck is creating a national network of home inspectors who will collect data on houses that can be monetized later. The company presented at last year’s Boise Startup Week in an attempt to raise $10 million to buy eight more home inspection firms.

Finally, Lone Cone, a Boise-based e-commerce company that designs outdoor gear for children, was the sole Idaho company recently named to the Inc. list of Best Workplaces for 2020. Nominated companies took part in an employee survey on topics including trust, management effectiveness, perks and confidence in the future. Then all employers were ranked using a composite score of survey results.

In a statement, Lone Cone credited its unlimited PTO, flexibility to work from home and ability for employees to set their own schedules as factors in its win.

The company also ranked No. 17 on the 2019 “Best Places to Work” list compiled by Outside Magazine.