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Lindsey Bowshier named president of Tribute Media

photo of lindsey bowshier

Lindsey Bowshier

Founder Corey Smith has named current Director of Web Strategy Lindsey Bowshier as the new president of Meridian-based Tribute Media, a web development and inbound marketing agency. Founded in 2007, Tribute Media has operated the majority of the past 13 years with Smith as president.  Smith will remain active in the company as chairman of the board and grill master at company BBQs.

Bowshier joined Tribute Media in 2014 as a part-time content writer. In 2015, she made partner, alongside Director of Operations Jillian Fra, and the two of them have been plotting their mutiny ever since. Bowshier’s roles have included content writer, project manager, director of web strategy, and jokingly (until now) Corey’s Boss. Over the past five years, she has led the web development team, inbound marketing team, as well as sales, and she has acted as chief strategist for clients and prospects.

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