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Anthony Colangelo joins nonprofit veterans bowling board

photo of anthony colangelo

Anthony Colangelo

Bowlers to Veterans Link announced that Anthony Colangelo of Meridian has joined the BVL Board of Directors. BVL is a national nonprofit 501c3 charity that funds recreation therapy programs to address the emotional and physical needs of veterans and active-duty military, including sports, music, crafts, technology and adaptive equipment for rehabilitation activities. Colangelo, who was previously on the BVL Board from 2014-16, is an Army veteran who served from 1984 to 1988. Colangelo was elected to the USBC Board of Directors in 2019 for a term that runs through July 2022. He previously served as the Idaho State USBC Manager and was also involved in leadership roles with the New Jersey State USBC BA and the Central Jersey Middlesex County USBC. Colangelo is currently the information technology manager for Boise Centre, Idaho’s largest convention center, where his team provides technical support for more than 360 events annually.

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