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A note from the editor

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Sharon Fisher

In a normal year, January marks when I stop following one team sport — college football and the Boise State Broncos — and start following another one, the Idaho State Legislature.

This isn’t a normal year.

Due to COVID, the Broncos’ season was cut short, and if some people have their way, the Idaho Legislature’s will as well. Whether that’s a good idea is, of course, a matter of debate.

Sometimes vociferous debate.

Either way, Idaho’s business lobbying community is ready. We talked to several of them about their plans to persuade the Legislature to help them through COVID, cut taxes and yet at the same time improve Idaho schools and roads.

In any event, COVID or no, Gov. Brad Little intends to give his State of the State speech on Monday, and the Legislature intends to call itself into session. What happens after that? We’ll let you know.


This week’s Focus section is on real estate, and we covered two separate aspects. First, our busy staff writer Catie Clark learned one of the big trends for this year would be aging farmers selling off their land for development.

Second, our intrepid freelancer Alx Stevens reported on a presentation as part of the Education Series from COMPASS, the Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho. COMPASS always get great lecturers for these presentations, and all the movers and shakers would show up.

Now, the movers and shakers are watching at home in their bathrobes like the rest of us, but they’re still great presentations. This particular one was about parking, and what cities should be doing to encourage development rather than parking lots — something all Idaho cities should be paying attention to.

Now that the holidays are over, we can all get back to normal. Whatever normal is these days.

Sharon Fisher is interim editor of the Idaho Business Review.

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