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A note from the editor

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Sharon Fisher

There’s a lot going on in Twin Falls. We’ve been covering developments there on a regular basis, and two that we’ve written about before are coming to fruition.

First, there’s a new six-story multiuse project, written by our busy staff writer Catie Clark, that takes advantage of the Opportunity Zones federal program for its financing. Second, there’s the 2nd South Market Food Hall, also an Opportunity Zone project, which renovates a gorgeous existing building and provides a home for several of the area’s food processing companies, as well as sustenance for the neighborhood. That article was written by our intrepid freelancer Alx Stevens.

Together, the two projects are a great example of economic development, downtown revitalization, creative reuse and taking advantage of financing opportunities. Other Idaho cities should take note. 


In other news, again it’s a big week for technology. Catie wrote a detailed analysis — as Catie loves to do — looking at claims from one organization about how much money Idaho could save by broadening its use of electrification in houses and cars.

The versatile Alx wrote about how TDS, which previously set up fiber-based broadband internet in northern Idaho, is doing the same in the Meridian area. In addition, she wrote about Bacon, a sizzling new app (see what I did there?) that helps temporary workers and potential employers meet.

We also have a Q&A with Dan Berger, an East Coast entrepreneur who decided on a whim to move to Boise during a 15,000-mile road trip, and who’s making a big splash in our entrepreneurial community here. And he’s not the only person like that I’ve heard from; all sorts of tech people seem to be moseying over to Idaho to see what we’ve got going here. Some of them have money to invest. We like them.


Tuesday we had our first Breakfast Series of the year, covering Idaho’s entrepreneurial community. You can find a recording of it on our website (click Events and Pubs, then Breakfast Series), and we’ll be publishing a report in our Feb. 26 issue.

In other event news, we named the recipients of our fourth annual Icon Awards, so you’ll want to check that out. The event — still virtual for now, but we have hopes for the future — is scheduled for May 13 at 4 p.m.


Our Focus section this week is on Workforce and Employment. Catie wrote another one of her famous analysis pieces looking at unemployment statistics and how things might not quite be as rosy as they seem in the Idaho economy. Alx wrote about the problems that are specifically happening in the direct care workforce, which is being hit by the double whammy of COVID-19 as well as competing wages. That’s making it harder to find people to take care of Idaho’s vulnerable population.


Finally, our new editor, Lauren Bonneau, has officially started and she has an email address and everything. No doubt you’ll be hearing from her soon, or you can contact her at lbonneau@idahobusinessreview.com

Sharon Fisher is interim managing editor of the Idaho Business Review.

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