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Cy Gearhard retiring as St. Luke’s chief nursing officer

photo of cy gearhard

Cy Gearhard

Cy Gearhard, St. Luke’s vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer, retired Jan. 15, after 36 years with the health care organization. ​​​​In 1979, she became a registered nurse for what was then St. Luke’s – the Boise hospital. She stepped briefly away from St. Luke’s to complete her master’s degree in nursing and then returned. She progressed from bedside nurse to chief nursing officer, moving from at the local, then regional, then system levels. She has refashioned the CNO role and helped to shape the chief operating officer/chief nursing officer roles. For the past six years, she was instrumental in developing the chief nursing officer structure for St. Luke’s Health System. She was also a driving force behind St. Luke’s Magnet designations, the Nursing and Patient Care Center of Excellence, clinical informatics and St. Luke’s heart and cardiovascular programs and service.

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