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Life hires Steve Decker as executive director

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Steve Decker

Life, a Center for Independent Living in Pocatello, has announced Steve Decker as its executive director. Hired to oversee supported employment operations for individuals with developmental disabilities in 2002 in the Los Angeles area, he saw an increasing need for individuals who have a dual diagnosis. In 2005, he built program as director of supported employment and expanded the role of the agency to work with individuals who were being released from state institutions. He was hired in 2008 to oversee the California Long-Term Care Education Center until 2013, nowthe largest vocational trainer of caregivers in the nation. In Nevada, he oversaw FSC, a multi-programmatic social service agency including a domestic violence program, therapy, crisis services, a program for people with disabilities and multiple emergency shelters. He has served as interim executive director and as a startup executive director for nonprofit corporations.

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