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A note from the editor

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Sharon Fisher

This year it seems like it’s been one dam issue after another.

(Yes, we’re 12.)

In fact, this issue has not just one but two dam articles. One is about the plan to make Anderson Ranch Dam six feet taller so that it can store more water, and the other is the Cat Creek project, which is intended to provide power through pumped storage, solar and wind facilities. Both of those articles were written by our intrepid reporter Catie Clark.

Both articles are also part of our Focus section this week on Construction, always one of our most popular topics. Other articles in that section this week include the rental space that is being advertised for lease as part of the Idaho Wheat Commission’s new building in downtown Boise, even though the building itself hasn’t been built yet, also written by Catie. There’s also a new wing for the Portneuf Medical Center.


We’ve been following the saga of the Expo Idaho facility for some time, and our cover story this week is the next step: taking a public survey to see what citizens want to do with the property. It’s going to be interesting to see the results, and of course, we’ll let you know as soon as we hear. Catie wrote that article as well.


Our other front-page article was about the rebranding of Boise Startup Week to Boise Entrepreneur Week, and how the organization will be going back to an in-person event this fall. I’m not sure how I feel about the name change — I always have a hard time pronouncing and spelling “entrepreneur” — but I’m sure they did their due diligence on the change. It will certainly make my collection of BSW t-shirts collectors’ items. Our editor Lauren Bonneau attended that event and wrote up the article.

And if you’d like to read more about Idaho’s startup — I mean, entrepreneur — community, Lauren also did an extended Q&A with Trailhead Executive Director Tiam Rastegar.

big issue with Idaho’s growth is finding enough staffers, especially ones with skills. Fortunately, Idaho Job Corps is tackling that problem, and now that COVID is diminishing, thanks to the vaccine, the organization is starting to ramp up its education programs. Our versatile freelancer Alx Stevens wrote about that.


You’ll be seeing a new name in the Idaho Business Review this summer, that of our intern, Royce McCandless. He’s interning with us half time during the summer, and you can see from this issue that he’s hit the ground running. During the school year, he attends the University of Idaho, majoring in journalism. He wrote two articles this week, one on what Boise Mayor Lauren McLean intends to do with the federal coronavirus stimulus funding the city is slated to receive, and one on how Idaho ski resorts are planning for their summer seasons.

Ski resorts? In summer? Yes. Ski resorts have been discovering that the same hills that are so fun to ski down in the winter are just as fun to mountain bike down in the summer, and most of Idaho’s ski resorts now offer a full slate of summer activities as well. It’s an interesting business story, too, as it shows another way that businesses can pivot to make better use of their resources.

Sharon Fisher is interim managing editor of the Idaho Business Review.

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