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Letter From The Editor Aug. 6

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Alx Stevens

The end of July was a busy time for developers. Inside the Aug. 6 edition, you’ll find three stories (two written by our versatile reporter Catie Clark) about new projects. Catie also connects us with a helpful data-driven look into Idaho’s evictions and foreclosures, and shares a few financial updates on two large Idaho-based companies. No surprise, last year posed some challenges, but things are looking up.

Our financially focused section also includes two articles written expertly by Sharon Fisher. She has kept an eye on Vacasa’s potential for going public, and it finally did. She also provides an update on local business access to financial assistance related to COVID-19.

Those curious about how I spend my time will find an article about a new service at Cottonwood Creek Behavioral Health.

Though not in this week’s edition, an update is coming about our recently held Breakfast Series event about mortgage rates and real estate trends. We appreciate the panelists for sharing their expertise on a range of subtopics like affordable housing, and we thank Hawley Troxell for presenting and moderating the event.

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for the Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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