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A note from the editor Aug. 20

You’ve all heard Idaho land is a hot commodity right now, and that poses challenges on the construction and supporting industries, but how much have you heard about what people are doing about it? Our Aug. 3 Breakfast Series: Mortgage rates and real estate trends, dove into the subject. Find out what some stakeholders are doing, and may do, in our recap coverage (on pages 11 & 13 in the Aug. 20 edition). More coverage on this topic is planned in upcoming editions. Alx Stevens

Despite a shrinking availability of land, development has not slowed down, as evidenced by current project coverage including a new coworking building (as reported on by Catie Clark); our (now sadly former) intern Royce McCandless’ article about multiple uses at Jules on 3rd, and an announcement about a new homebuilder in northern Idaho (written by yours truly). This overlaps with our focus on real estate, which includes an expertly written snapshot by Catie of the current industrial real estate market. Oh and be sure to check out our Power25 in commercial real estate (publishing Aug. 27).

There’s more going on, of course.

I’ve known for a while what Idaho signature crops are, but I didn’t know barley was one of them. Despite being known for this crop, some stakeholders feel not enough of it is being grown. Scoular has made recently made an announcement that it plans to change that, as Catie reports. This week, she dives deep into the future of some open land in Ketchum (one of our page 1 stories) and a new (yet old) space for the University of Idaho’s art gallery.

As one of his final assignments, Royce also wrote about Gov. Little’s recent address to the business community, hosted by the Boise Metro Chamber. You will most likely see his name at least one more time in next week’s edition, where he updates us on a project I first wrote about as a freelancer. We want to take a moment to thank Royce for his time and dedicated work with us, and we’re excited to see what’s next from him!

Now, here’s where things might get a bit…passionate is the word I’ll use. Regardless of anyone’s stance on whether or not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, our Q & A this week looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted health insurance and claims payers. There’s a bit we do know, and unfortunately quite a bit we don’t know, but Fernando Veloz has graciously shared his insight on the topic (on page 7).

We want to thank our panelists, Q & A participants and our commentary writers who put themselves, and their opinions, out there for respectful discussion, and we invite continued respectful discussion on a variety of topics.
And, as always, we want to thank you for reading!

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected]

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