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A note from the editor Aug. 27

I have to take a moment to ask: How is everyone feeling with the cooler temperatures? There’s a lot going on in this week’s paper, which I’m excited to get to, but I think it’s nice to have a reminder of outside things (sometimes literally). I hope everyone is enjoying the approaching fall season, despite challenges in life and industry. 

Which brings us to, as promised, we have more coverage of challenges in residential real estate that is addressed in our Q&A this week, and in an article by reporter Catie Clark about the lack of affordable housing inventory.  

Also as promised, our former intern Royce McCandless shares an update about the Food Innovation Center that is intended for the Magic Valley. Having covered this subject previously, this is a not-to-miss update. 

I advise also not missing Catie’s look at the ever-shrinking number of intensive care unit beds throughout Idaho (our cover story). Regardless of where one identifies politically, the situation is one that cannot be ignored because health care stakeholders share people’s health may be at stake if care needs to be rationed.  

Versatile freelancer Sharon Fisher connects us with two businesses looking to make an impact; Owyhee Air Research is on the front lines of wildfire firefighting in Idaho, and Pacific Fibre has a vision for a former onion facility in Weiser.   

Speaking of businesses making an impact, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories is literally making its mark in Moscow and beyond with some newly updated construction projects, which is the topic of focus this week. We also want to give a shout out to Idaho Capital Sun for providing coverage about a recent project receiving recognition in the development field.  

Stay posted for another hot topic in next week’s focus, and of course dedicated reporting on industries and local businesses close at heart to many Idahoans.  

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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