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A note from the editor Sept. 10

It’s fitting our focus section this week aligns with one of the fastest-changing news topics to date: COVID-19. This week, our intrepid reporter Catie Clark looks at how a vaccination requirement (or lack thereof) in nursing homes and other caregiving facilities could have consequences beyond the physical health of patients and employees. Updates are planned for upcoming coverage, and we will continue to break news as more information becomes available. 

Also changing rapidly are the retail and construction industries, and Catie shares an article on each topic. Our cover teases the future of Macy’s — which now has just two stores left in Idaho — and a new pocket neighborhood in Boise, an approach to residential development that could take off statewide. Additionally in retail, Sen. Jim Risch has announced Idaho’s Small Business of the Month, which can be described as an iconic business in one of downtown Boise’s most iconic buildings. Sharon Fisher contributes her expertise to the construction industry conversation as well, with a feel-good story about recycling scrap metal to financially help youth. Industry stakeholders, do you know of a project underway? This story may be for you. 

Shameless plug: What are your thoughts on our Biz ‘Bites’ section? It’s one of our newest endeavors, and we appreciate feedback in order to best serve our readers. If you haven’t seen one yet, check out page 7 of the e-edition (or print publication). Each week features to-the-point news from a wide range of industries, and sometimes has a topic or two not often covered in the Idaho Business Review. Did you see the governor dubbed this decade as the Decade of Agriculture? You will also see how to share your own biz ‘bite.’  

Last, but certainly not least, editor Lauren Bonneau also shares feel-good coverage of our recently held meet-and-greet event for Idaho Business Review’s Women of the Year, attended by honorees recognized this year and those recognized in previous years. As COVID-19 continues to be a factor, we would like to share that we are committed to bringing business professionals together to recognize leaders and build business relationships, and safety is top priority. We will continue to follow CDC, state and local guidelines for all in-person events. Currently, we are moving forward with holding the Women of the Year ceremony in person, but please know we are monitoring the situation closely and are prepared to make any necessary adjustments for the safety of our honorees, sponsors and guests. 

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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