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A note from the editor Oct. 8

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Alx Stevens

Idaho’s notoriety in tech fields continues to grow with company expansions, product innovations and industry leadership, as is evidenced by this week’s focus section. While many have acknowledged the Boise area in particular is no Silicon Valley — and some would like to keep it that way — the Treasure Valley’s stake in technology is inspiring others to have a stake in it as well. And that is extending to the rest of the state. 

Technology, in many senses, dominated not only Hackfort’s return — shown in a well-written piece by our intern Taylor Rico-Pekerol — but it is also featured in a new entrepreneurship challenge — announced in a piece by dedicated freelance writer Ken Levy — and in an investment announcement for a growing eastern Idaho business — shared by equally dedicated freelance writer Ryan Lowery.  

Our intrepid reporter Catie Clark leads this week’s news coverage by bringing to light what may be a lesser known, yet very impactful, industry, and what can happen to the state if that industry experiences a problem. Catie also gives us another look at the ever-changing retail industry, as another big-name company has announced the closure of one of its big box stores.  

Speaking of big names, you might be jolted by Sharon Fisher’s expert update about a local big-name coffee chain’s IPO. Ryan also wrote about a big-name Greek yogurt company making strides in sustainable packaging.  

To round out this week’s coverage, in addition to our gratitude to our commentators and Biz ‘Bite’ submitters, we at Idaho Business Review want to thank everyone who supported our annual Women of the Year gala. Whether that support was given on site or from a preferred distance, we appreciate being able to continue recognizing women going above and beyond in our communities and our state. The night proved fun, safe and often moving. And, of course, thank you to our Women of the Year honorees for your hard work and care. 

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for Idaho Business Review. Contact her at astevens@idahobusinessreview.com. 

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