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A note from the editor Oct. 29

It is not news that times are challenging for many, if not all, right now; however, the perseverance and care consistently seen in this state are reassuring and inspiring. We are thinking of you, and hoping your challenges ease soon.

Mental health is a topic that seems to be coming up frequently, whether it is personal, such as through job benefits, or more largely through an individual’s or organization’s mission. Child care options and the current workforce availability are a couple other topics that are vying for attention, sometimes separately, but noticeably together as well. These past few weeks, though, have brought good news in the form of innovation, whether that was recognized through entrepreneur stakeholders like Boise Entrepreneur Week or industry-focused organizations like Idaho Technology Council. Stay posted for continuing coverage on those topics.

While we’re teasing what’s planned to come, keep an eye out for our Power 25 in health care publication, which will share how industry leaders are going above and beyond to offer all types of care.

This week’s edition features a breadth of construction, mining and technology news, with some humorous puns sprinkled in and a fun Biz ‘Bite’ you can read for a smile.

Our dedicated freelance writers Sharon Fisher, Ken Levy and Brooke Strickland all bring some coverage to the innovation and technology subjects, with some overlap in the construction industry. Find out about a new 3D-printed construction material the University of Idaho is developing (as reported on by Brooke); members of the public and students competitively pitching new business ventures in construction and cybersecurity (covered by Ken) and a new technology-focused facility planned for educational purposes in eastern Idaho (written by Sharon).

Reporter Catie Clark brings her passion and expertise for mining into a bit of her coverage this week, offering two articles about significant industry events to keep an eye on. You hear about agriculture, food and technology being leading Idaho industries; mining is one that may not make the list but is impactful nevertheless. Find out what updates to the tentative Caldwell Canyon and Itafos facilities mean for different geographic areas in Idaho. She also shares an update on how the governor’s early halting of federal employment financial assistance impacted the state’s workforce.

To toot my own horn a bit, my byline makes an appearance in our focus section — construction — this week. Remember the occasional joke about a robot taking your job? Well, that is partially what House of Design Robotics is all about, but in a good way, as the construction industry can be a very physically demanding experience for workers. And, with the housing supply not being able to keep up with demand, it’s safe to say there is current job security for both the robots and the humans in industry.

Though not in our construction focused section, Catie also shares information about an upcoming water infrastructure project, pending voter approval.

Not to miss this week is our Q&A with Brian Ness, who, after noticably improving the Idaho Transporation Department, is retiring. We asked him what’s next for himself and the department.

Our commentaries this week connect you with what’s happening in the nation’s political realm, but also something new on the Idaho home front in higher education. Do you have thoughts you would like to add? We welcome respectful discussion, whether in a commentary of your own or in our online comments.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today, and apparently that’s about all October’s got as well. Welcome to November everyone!

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for the Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected]

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