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A note from the editor Nov. 12

Personally, I’m very excited for nonprofit coverage in this week’s edition, because it highlights a new focus section.

Our intern Taylor Rico-Pekerol brings insight into the possibilities of business and nonprofit partnerships. And, one of our news partners, Idaho Capital Sun, has provided coverage this week in our focus section, highlighting how a recently awarded grant will assist local nonprofits benefiting minority-owned businesses in Idaho. 

Additionally, Idaho nonprofits are highlighted in our recent launch of Idaho’s Nonprofit Sector Power List, which can connect you with various nonprofits that could align with your business goals. If you’re interested in getting involved, you might circle back to our Q&A with Kevin Bailey, who shares tips on how nonprofits can best partner with the Idaho business community. 

Though I never went into meteorology, I can confirm, as I write this note, the skies are clear here in Boise, and maybe we’ve gotten a bit of rain and frost, but other parts of Idaho have already had their first snow of the year. That means the season for skiing (and other winter recreation activities) is not far behind. 

Digital nomad — and one of our freelance writers — Sharon Fisher kicks off our Nov. 12 edition with the cover story highlighting numerous investments various Idaho ski resorts have made in preparation for the season. 

Our expert reporter Catie Clark also leads our latest edition with an explanation that, hopefully, will help address a question on the minds of many: what is going on since President Biden’s announcement around businesses having to mandate various employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine?  

Coverage of the President’s announcement and its ties to Idaho continues in an article by the Associated Press, another news agency we partner with. 

Also not to miss this week (or any week, really) is our Biz ‘Bites’ section, which regularly features news (some of it good) about local businesses, or information relevant to business. This week, we’ve got info about a new overpass and affordable housing, and our section just wouldn’t be the same without a mention of a potato-based product. 

To close this note, on behalf of Idaho Business Review, thank you to our veteran service members from all branches of our country’s military. Your loyalty and sacrifice, and that of your loved ones, does not go unnoticed.  

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for the Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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