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A note from the editor Dec. 24

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones from us at Idaho Business Review! It’s a special time when many, including us, slow down our daily work routines to spend time with friends, family, maybe some snow projects…but if you find yourself curious about what’s happening, we’ve got you covered: 

New developments: Versatile freelance writer Sharon Fisher shares Boise State University is working to bring a new food innovation center online, with a focus on dairy research and projects. Yes, there will be physical facilities constructed on campus. You will also find news of Morton Buildings breaking ground in Pocatello and the City of Boise selecting a site for its next park.

Tech announcements: Idaho State University has partnered with Idaho, national and global business stakeholders to create a new apprenticeship program focusing on industrial infrastructure cybersecurity — that means local systems like electric, wastewater and transportation. Speaking of such systems, Idaho Power’s president recently shared company highlights from last year, and heading into next year (coverage by intrepid reporter Catie Clark). 

Also in technology, just announced a very large Series C funding round thanks to investors, and the Idaho National Laboratory is offering grant money for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects. 

Health care updates: Crisis Standards of Care has been deactivated for the last remaining district in Idaho, and the College of Western Idaho just received funding to bolster its program for multicultural nursing students. 

And, in another Biz ‘Bite,’ there have been some noticeable restaurant closures in Pocatello. 

Expert opinions: Guest opinion writers share insight into the housing market, the supply chain challenges and social pressures in — but not exclusive to — northern Idaho. 

Our industry partners — The Associated Press, Idaho Capital Sun and Idaho Ed News — have also contributed to this edition, with Idaho Ed News providing a piece in our legal focus section about how North Idaho College’s lack of accreditation is posing challenges for graduates and beyond. Our other legally focused story (written by, well, me) shares an update about a workforce/hands-on learning experience University of Idaho law students are receiving through a partnership with Jesse Tree.  

This is our second-to-last 2021 edition of the Idaho Business Review newspaper, and next week’s paper promises even deeper and broader looks at many of the topics above. Personally, this is one of my favorite times of year in the journalism industry, when editors and reporters alike take time to look back on what we’ve accomplished, and that might mean for our reporting ahead. You’ll catch a glimpse of that in our Jan. 7 edition. 

I know I’m biased, but I truly believe we’ve accomplished important things this year, and 2022 promises to be just as productive and fulfilling.  

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for the Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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