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A note from the editor Jan. 7

Hello 2022 — with your promise of new challenges, but also new opportunities. 

Alx Stevens. Photo by Pete Grady

In this first edition of the new year, Idaho Business Review (IBR) touched base with several industry stakeholders to ask about what they are preparing for and hope to succeed in.

Construction: Wayne Hammon says all signs point to a continuation of a strong construction market in Idaho, and, while he can’t say who at this time, some very big things and exciting projects are being planned. 

Entrepreneurship: Diane Bevan shares that, despite ongoing challenges, the startup space for entrepreneurs who identify as minorities continues to expand.  

Finance: Inflation, labor and related areas will continue to challenge the economy in 2022, Zions Bank professionals expect, however, stocks are anticipated to remain strong. 

Health Insurance: As COVID-19 continues to evolve, so do health opportunities for Idahoans, as Pat Kelly describes, but their importance remains consistent. 

Labor: Reporter Catie Clark covers what last year’s stats could mean for the market in the new year. 

Retail: E-commerce continues to be a significant opportunity for small and large businesses alike, Taylor Rico-Pekerol reports, and some new players are throwing their hats in Idaho’s ring. 

That’s just a taste of what we’re keeping our eye on. 

Last week, we covered additional sectors — like health care and technology — in our look back on the previous year.  

Personally, I think these are two editions not to miss as you start preparing for the upcoming months. Both are available on our website: 

Speaking of preparing for the months ahead, we at IBR are doing some preparing of our own. Our future events, whether in person, virtual or both, promise fresh insights on what’s happening in Idaho’s business community and new takes on how to navigate it, and our periodic publications will feature broad coverage of the state and offer an important connection point to key collaborators. Our calendar of what’s coming (and when) is also available now on your website for those ready to plan ahead.  

One change at IBR you will notice if you subscribe to our weekly print publication is that our editions will move from being mailed weekly to being mailed every other week. That does not mean our news coverage will slow down; our daily newsletters will continue to feature new articles and our website will continue to host new content daily as well.  

Did you notice this week’s edition had not one but two focus sections? That’s another change coming to our print editions, and it promises IBR will continue to pay attention to sectors of particular interest for many of our readers. Our next print edition is scheduled for Jan. 21. 

Continuing our theme of looking forward, we at IBR are excited for the good potentials 2022 is offering, and we appreciate being able to share them with you. Thank you for your readership and support. We hope your 2022 is great and successful! 

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for the Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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