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A note from the editor March 21

Hey, remember when Idaho lawmakers were considering legislation that would do away with Daylight Savings Time? If you, like many others, struggle with the adjustment, check this out: CNN has reported that legislation making Daylight Savings Time permanent (meaning no more falling back every year) just passed the U.S. Senate and will now go before the House.

That’s not the only legislation we’re keeping an eye on at the national level; freelance writer Kurt Orzeck looked into how Idaho is adapting to the No Surprises Act earlier this year, which, ideally, is intended to provide more transparency around medical bills. He also provides some updated numbers around Idaho’s adoption of Medicaid.

That article heads up our legal focus section, and it’s not our only hard-hitting piece of journalism this week. Reporter Catie Clark and others at Idaho Business Review were surprised to learn how housing affordability trends are changing in rural Idaho areas.  

Our second focus section this week, real estate, features an article by The Associated Press about a group of businesses in Sandpoint that are encouraging the selling of property to conservatives in northern Idaho and western Montana. I found that a bit surprising, with the growth challenges all parts of the state are facing right now, but I also understand the desire for refuge for political beliefs.  

The Biz ‘Bites’ section was packed with news ranging from new airline flights and a new vegan restaurant to a business acquisition and future big-box store renovation for a local company. 

And, in case you missed these articles last week, our digital first coverage included: A Coeur d’Alene-based business has been added to one of the big three stock exchanges; a local credit union has acquired several locations of a national bank; Boise Entrepreneur Week is gearing up for its 2022 event and the sentiment “People in Boise are just so nice” now has anecdotal and statistical evidence to back it.  

Those are all the updates from me today, and I promise I’ll be back with more next week. I can’t wait to share the details.  

— Alx Stevens is the managing editor for the Idaho Business Review. Contact her at [email protected] 

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