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Power List – Idaho Commercial Real Estate – Mike Sautebin

Working as a commercial relationship manager for First Interstate Bank in Boise, Mike Sautebin has been with the company since 2022 and has financed over $50 million in commercial real estate loans.

Established in 1968, First Interstate Bank operates under a belief that community banking means so much more than simply transactions and accounts and employs an approach that centers services around the customer. Dedicated to helping diverse community members reach their highest potential, the bank aims to answer the needs of residents and businesses with financial solutions all while supporting communities through business development and philanthropy. Always striving to be a values-based company, the bank’s employees’ values are the foundation for the relationships they share with their clients, colleagues, shareholders and the communities they serve.

With more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Sautebin exemplifies these values, educating his clients and giving them a positive experience through their transactions.

He spends most of his time helping businesses manage debt to improve cash flow, finding ways for both business and consumer clients to save money and time.

Sautebin applies his experience in investments to create a more diverse approach with every interaction he encounters — always keeping in mind how one action affects another.

Before starting his endeavors at First Interstate Bank, Sautebin worked at JP Morgan Chase for eight years, where he held the titles of regional manager in investments and branch manager. After that, he worked as a branch manager at KeyBank for five years.

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