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Noah Harper – Powerlist – Health Care

Noah Harper – Powerlist – Health Care

Noah Harper – Powerlist – Health Care

Noah Harper’s career and educational background have spanned across a few different organizations, ultimately bringing him to Boise in 2015 to take a position as a lab specialist at Idaho State University (ISU).

Harper now serves as the interim lab manager and bioskills supervisor in the L.S. and Aline W. Skaggs Treasure Valley Anatomy and Physiology Laboratories (TVAPL). His role involves a range of things, including resource management, safety compliance, teaching, enterprise development and scheduling.

“I manage and support a team of professionals who collaborate to offer exceptional lab-based educational experiences in human anatomy and physiology for a broad span of learners, including ISU graduate and undergraduate students, high school students, life-long learners and the professional community,” Harper said. “I also provide lab instruction and lecture in human anatomy, human embryology and human neuroanatomy as an affiliate faculty member of the physician assistant program and physical therapy program, and as an adjunct faculty member for the clinical psychopharmacology program.”

In his work with TVAPL, Harper noted that he finds many aspects of his job rewarding. He has been able to contribute to the overall growth and development of TVAPL since its opening in 2015, when he was the manager.

“As a teacher, I feel privileged to have the opportunity to take part in providing a foundation in human anatomy for the health care students I work with,” Harper said. “There is something pretty cool in facilitating a lab-based experience where a student’s ‘textbook’ understanding is crystallized in a few moments.”

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