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Patrice Burgess – Powerlist – Health Care

Patrice Burgess – Powerlist – Health Care

Patrice Burgess – Powerlist – Health Care

Her title may be much longer than her name, but Patrice Burgess has served nearly 30 years in primary health care with ever-expanding responsibilities and satisfaction.

Burgess is the executive medical director for system clinical integration and health informatics for the Saint Alphonsus Health System. In this “hybrid role,” she said, her key responsibilities include helping physicians and advanced practice providers have optimal experience with electronic health records; overseeing the medical group — including in-patient physicians, pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine; and patient care.

“I also did a lot of work with our system around COVID and continue to serve in a leadership role in our COVID incident command,” she said.

By January 2023, Burgess will transition to chief medical officer while retaining the informatics work and patient care.

“I get immense satisfaction working to help our organization provide the highest quality patient care while also the best possible work environment for our colleagues and medical staff,” she said.

Burgess said she is “glad to see us embrace telehealth and remote work options when they make sense,” adding, “This has increased flexibility for our patients and our staff.” She also said the system continues to look at expanding remote monitoring and virtual connections to help patients feel cared for and connected between face-to-face visits.

The Idaho Academy of Family Physicians recently honored her with the 2022 Advocacy Award.

Burgess was elected chair of the American Medical Association’s Young Physician’s Section in 2003 and was the first female president of the Idaho Medical Association in 2006.

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