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Rebecca Katzman – Powerlist – Health Care

Rebecca Katzman – Powerlist – Health Care

Rebecca Katzman – Powerlist – Health Care

Rebecca Katzman has always been interested in helping others. She passionately believes health care should be accessible to all. Today, she lives that passion as a family physician at Clearwater Valley Health and as a mentor for Idaho WWAMI medical students. A large part of taking care of patients is education, Katzman explained, and teaching students is a natural extension of that.

“I enjoy working in a field that allows for teamwork, creativity and compassion as tools for solving complex problems,” Katzman said. “Medicine is cognitively stimulating, can be emotionally fulfilling and allows me to identify what is important in my own life.”

Earlier this year, Katzman was recognized for both her clinical and educational work by the Idaho Academy of Family Physicians as the 2022 Idaho Family Physician of the Year.

When asked what she is glad to have seen change in the industry, Katzman said, “Having a greater understanding of how someone’s environment, personal history, lifestyle, access to education, family circumstances, economics and other psychosocial factors impact well-being, both positively and negatively.”

“There are still significant disparities and biases in medicine and health care that we need to overcome,” she added, “and recognizing that these exist is the first step.”

Katzman is also an active volunteer, serving on a number of committees relating to her current work at the hospital. In line with her passion for education, Katzman volunteers in that area as well, stating that one of the most rewarding roles she has had in the last couple years has been as a judge for local elementary and middle school science fairs.

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