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Sarah Wright – Powerlist – Health Care

Sarah Wright – Powerlist – Health Care

Sarah Wright – Powerlist – Health Care

Sarah Wright has been passionate about epidemiology since she was little.

“I was like, ‘That’s a job you can do? That’s awesome,’” she described of her childhood experience reading books like Outbreak.

However, growing up, Wright did not immediately pursue her childhood dream.

Wright went back to school in 2017 to study public health; she earned her degree from Boise State University in 2020 and she is on track to receive her master’s in the area in May.

Wright’s first job in her new career was as a Covid investigator for Central District Health (CDH). Almost a year later, she became a sexual health education specialist.

“And now I’m working my dream job,” Wright said of her current role as staff epidemiologist at CDH. “It’s awesome, every day.”

Though only in the role four months, Wright already has done impactful work. She praised her epidemiology team’s efforts leading community outreach clinics around monkeypox.

“That was incredible,” Wright said. “I am just in awe of all the people we were able to help get vaccinated. We wanted to reach a population that is personally super important to me and has historically not had the best of times with public health and let them know we are a safe and welcoming place.”

Wright also said she is proud to have been part of CDH’s presence at Boise Pride Festival.

In the foreseeable future, Wright sees herself and her team making a pipeline for Hepatitis C treatment, such as for those that experience the cost of treatment and/or stigma around the disease as a barrier.

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