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Scott Christensen – Powerlist – Health Care

Scott Christensen – Powerlist – Health Care

Scott Christensen – Powerlist – Health Care

Scott Christensen, vice president of hospital operations at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, said he is driven by his passion to see people smile, relieved of pain or suffering, and getting answers to the why of health care needs.

“In speaking of satisfaction, this is what drives me,” he said. “I love people and I find great self-satisfaction in solving issues that will make their life better.”

Those passions explain why, after more than 38 years in the health care industry, he still enjoys going to work each day. His responsibilities include “all functions that allow for a hospital to provide safe, quality and affordable health care.” Most recently, Christensen led efforts at Saint Alphonsus to complete a system-wide medical record conversion project and is working on practices to better recruit and retain health care workers coming out of the pandemic, “a national challenge in the health care industry,” as he described.

Christensen also said there are many new innovations in the health care industry, with some of these related to technological advancements. “It could be a new surgical technique or device to quicken a healing practice, to (an) electronic medical records system that streamlines the complete medical record for patients to paint a broader picture of the patient’s needs and care,” he explained.

Christensen was promoted to his current position in 2021 after serving as regional director of medical imaging for Saint Alphonsus. He started there as interventional radiology supervisor before moving on as manager of medical imaging.

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