Scoggin Capital, Duck Club Entertainment purchase historic El Korah Shrine

admin//March 29, 2023

Scoggin Capital, Duck Club Entertainment purchase historic El Korah Shrine

admin//March 29, 2023

BOISE – Duck Club Entertainment and Scoggin Capital Investment announced the purchase of the historic El Korah Shrine building, located at 1118 W Idaho St. in downtown Boise.

Duck Club, the creators of Treefort Music Fest, plans to utilize the venue to offer an all-ages space to attend shows featuring local and touring musicians, and hold community and private events. The organization has utilized the venue annually for Treefort Music Fest and for a number of shows throughout the year. Duck Club plans to continue the building’s legacy of being a home for a variety of community events, an ongoing home for Shriners’ events and to book more year-round concerts at the venue and offer it to other local promoters and independent artists looking for a flexible, all-ages space. Duck Club also plans to host smaller concerts in the basement and continue having the downstairs Oasis bar open for regular hours. The building also features a full commercial kitchen and plans for that space will be announced at a later date.

El Korah Shrine during Treefort, Flickr.

In addition to adding an all-ages venue to Boise, a big motivator behind purchasing the building for Duck Club and Scoggin Capital is preserving an iconic historic building. Improvements will be made over time, but all with proper historic preservation of the building in mind.

“We believe that investing in organizations and venues in Idaho that foster creativity is important to our community and we devote a percentage of our portfolio to such investments,” Andy Scoggin, CEO of Scoggin Capital Investment and an Operating Partner at StageDotO, said.  “A key element of our investment thesis is that when we support and invest in creative venues and enterprises here in our city, such creativity attracts entrepreneurs and knowledge workers to our area which enhances all of the other business and real estate investments in our portfolio. The Duck Club team has a proven track record for more than 10 years of building a great organization that is prepared to manage this exciting new location.”

El Korah Shrine building, Visit Boise.

The El Korah Shrine building, built in 1914, is Duck Club’s second venue space. One week ago, on Sunday, March 19, the organization opened the doors to Treefort Music Hall (722 W Broad Street) for its first show. Treefort Music Hall is open, while still pending finishing touches, and has a growing schedule of shows. In addition to hosting shows and events, Treefort Music Hall will include Hap Hap Lounge, a 21+ rooftop lounge opening in summer of 2023. Treefort Music Hall will hold a grand opening this summer, when the entire building is finished with construction.

In addition to the two venues, Duck Club Entertainment books shows at multiple venues throughout the Treasure Valley, has a small roster of touring artists, and produces two annual festivals: Treefort Music Fest in March in downtown Boise and Flipside Fest in September in Garden City. For more information and upcoming shows, visit duckclubboise.com.