‘Nothing like this anywhere’: Inside the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse in Boise

Chloe Baul//August 21, 2023

Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse

Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse (J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation).

‘Nothing like this anywhere’: Inside the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse in Boise

Chloe Baul//August 21, 2023

A sprawling facility spanning seven acres in Boise is positioned to be a gamechanger for enhancing the lives of U.S. military members and a place for people with physical challenges to lead an active lifestyle.

Nestled in the heart of Boise, the upcoming Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse will serve as the headquarters for Mission43, an organization that extends opportunities to servicemen, women, and military spouses to prosper in Idaho. It will also host the Challenged Athletes Foundation – Idaho (CAF Idaho), which is dedicated to providing people with physical challenges the chance to develop independence and participate in athletic events.

Simply put, The Fieldhouse is like no other facility in the country.

Set to open in early 2024, the campus is set to become a hub of transformation and empowerment.

“I’ve been around the military community quite a bit and there’s absolutely nothing like this anywhere in the country,” said Bryan Madden, director of Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse. “So it’s definitely unique that we have it here.”

Idaho Outdoor FieldhouseThe campus sprawls across seven acres along the river in southeast Boise. Its central hub is a 55,000-square-foot facility designed to cater to personal and professional development, health, and wellness. Collectively, the two organizations operate without a fixed physical headquarters, orchestrating approximately 75-80 annual events across the state. Even as they maintain their commitment to hosting events statewide, the Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse will provide a dedicated venue to call their own, enhancing their capabilities for hosting activities and functions.

According to Madden, a dedicated section will be allocated to classroom settings within the campus, featuring courses such as an entrepreneurship program, project management and professional certifications tailored for military members and their spouses. “And then, we have a whole fitness and wellness side,” he added.

The Fieldhouse hosts a variety of fitness amenities, including a 7,000-square-foot functional fitness gym, a 25-yard pool with an aquatic center, and a gymnasium. Madden said the facility fosters a holistic approach, supporting both mental and physical well-being, where athletes and military veterans can access a variety of equipment, coaching, and specialized training.

“I’ve been around the military community quite a bit and there’s absolutely nothing like this anywhere in the country. So it’s definitely unique that we have it here,” he added.

The lead construction firm, ESI, spearheaded the construction of the facility, working through supply chain challenges and ensuring the project’s steady progress. “The whole team thought really well ahead to beat the supply chain difficulties we had by importing things early — I can’t say enough about how well ESI has kept the project on track.”

The Fieldhouse’s architectural design was handled by Pivot North and BRS Architects, with The Land Group contributing landscape architecture expertise. The sole funding source for the facility comes from the J.A. & Kathryn Albertson Foundation, a nonprofit organization created to provide support to communities and schools in Idaho through donations and initiatives.

“There’s no outside dollars, no government grants involved,” Madden said. “It’s one foundation that really wants to have an impact on Idaho.”

Madden highlighted Mission43’s motto, “Forged for those who never stop,” which resonates with the Fieldhouse’s mission as being a space promoting growth, community, and shared accomplishments. “The facility is something that will make everyone proud. You’ll witness these incredible individuals using the facility,” he said.

The Fieldhouse invites volunteers, military veterans, veteran spouses, and adaptive athletes to explore the offerings of Mission43 and CAF Idaho. By visiting the idahofieldhouse.org website, individuals can access information about volunteering, courses, and events that promote empowerment and connection.