Idaho Business Review announces Abrams as Woman of the Year, celebrates honorees

Chloe Baul//September 18, 2023

Idaho Business Review 2023 Woman of the Year Nikeela Abrams takes the stage and shares her reflections upon being recognized. (Pro Image Event Photography).

Idaho Business Review announces Abrams as Woman of the Year, celebrates honorees

Chloe Baul//September 18, 2023

2023 WOY honorees (Pro Image Event Photography).

In a heartwarming celebration, the Idaho Business Review honored its 2023 Women of the Year (WOY) alongside their families, colleagues, friends and community supporters. This marked the 18th year of the event, which embraced the theme of “Stronger Together.”

“It makes me (IBR) proud to produce such a meaningful recognition program that recognizes incredible women, from across the state, for their accomplishments as well as their contributions to their respective communities,” said Idaho Business Review Publisher Cindy Suffa. “I want to congratulate this year’s honorees and thank the many sponsors for supporting the Women of the Year program.”

This year, 124 women were nominated as a Women of the Year honorees. To conclude the selection process, a panel of previous honorees contributed their insights into awarding 50 women throughout the state.  At the event, each honoree stepped onto the stage and was met with raised glasses, cheers and applause from the audience. 

Lisa Grow delivering a speech at the WOY event (Pro Image Event Photography).

Against a glowing backdrop of pink, red and orange lights, Lisa Grow, the 2022 Woman of the Year, delivered a speech, sharing her thoughts on the importance of offering emotional support — the very essence of “Stronger Together.”

“Emotionally supporting people can be a game changer,” Grow said. “Just imagine what can happen if we offer more support to not just our family and friends, but to those that we don’t know as well who are struggling. It can change lives — whether it’s family or coworkers or small business. Turn towards each other and find a way to show the world that we are as we always will be stronger together.”

 To conclude the evening, Grow returned to the stage to announce this year’s Woman of the Year, Nikeela Abrams, the partner and founder of Abrams Law PLLC and Idaho Meditation Center.

“I’m so appreciative of the theme of this year, stronger together, with all the opportunities and while this is such an incredible honor, I know that the biggest part I’m going to be appreciative of is each of my fellow honorees that I’ve had a chance to get to know,” she said. “I look forward to furthering those relationships. The future is so exciting, and we’re doing it together and supporting each other. Thank you all, it’s such an amazing group to be a part of.”