BSides Idaho Falls workshops provide tech learning opportunities

Chloe Baul//September 21, 2023//

BSides Idaho Falls

Many employees of Idaho National Laboratory will speak at the BSides event. File photo

BSides Idaho Falls workshops provide tech learning opportunities

Chloe Baul//September 21, 2023//

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IDAHO FALLS, ID BSides Idaho Falls offers a unique opportunity for hands-on learning and skill enhancement in the realm of information security. The conference, taking place on sept. 22-23 at Idaho State University, features a range of talks and presentations by technology industry leaders, as well as a variety of workshops.

Many speakers, including Rita Foster, Nick Trezza, Dr. Michael Haney and many more are employed by Idaho National Laboratory.

The community-driven event is organized by volunteers with a strong emphasis on ensuring accessibility to information. This conference provides a platform for professionals in information technology and related fields to engage in meaningful education, collaboration, and continuous discourse.

Workshops currently available for sign-up at the conference:

  • Cyber Informed Engineering: Design the Future!
    • Gain insights into Cyber Informed Engineering (CIE) and its significance in safeguarding critical infrastructure.
    • Participate in tabletop exercises, brainstorming sessions, and learn how to implement CIE practices in real-world scenarios.
  • Certification Exam Preparation
    • Prepare for certification exams using engaging games and other interactive tools.
    • Examples of certifications covered include GCIA (GIAC/The SANS Institute), RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), JNCIA-SEC (Juniper Networks Certification Program), Security+ (CompTIA), Certified Cloud Practitioner (Amazon Web Services), and Nexpose Certified Administrator (Rapid7).
  • Mini-Badge Making
    • Learn to design your own printed circuit board (PCB) following the SaintCon Minibadge standard (used for minibadge slots on BSides Idaho Falls badges).
    • Explore basic circuit design, PCB layout, and the process of getting a PCB fabricated.
  • Linux Capture the Flag
    • Engage in a Capture the Flag challenge focused on the Linux Command Line Interface.
  • CTF for Blue Team/Incident Response Purposes
    • Delve into an investigation involving a compromised AWS EC2 (Linux distro) using a Cloud Incident Response platform provided by the instructor’s company.
    • This exercise is based on a real attack that occurred on honeypot infrastructure.

To participate in the conference or to learn more, visit bsidesidahofalls.org.