Meridian’s Windrow Acres moves forward in development

Marc Lutz//October 3, 2023//

The Windrow Acres residential subdivision in south Meridian moved forward with approval from the city council. (Illustration/Conger Group)

Meridian’s Windrow Acres moves forward in development

Marc Lutz//October 3, 2023//

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On Sept. 26, the Meridian City Council approved requests by Conger Group to modify its application for development of a parcel of land in the southern portion of the city after a public comment hearing.

The developer, looking to move forward with the project, requested that 46.1 acres of the 65.1-acre site be annexed and 19.62 acres be rezoned.

Windrow Acres, a subdivision that would be located on the southwest corner of Linder Road and Amity Road, would complete a square mile of residential development that began in 2016 with other subdivisions bordered on the east by Meridian Road, the west by Linder, on the north by Victory Road and on the south by Amity Avenue.

The medium-density residential project calls for 252 building lots and 40 common lots, with three to eight dwelling units per acre. The first phase of the project along Amity will see the completion of 64 lots, whereas the second will see the completion of 60 lots along Linder. The third phase will be comprised of 35 lots.

Some 10.39 acres or 16% of the project will be open spaces, which will include a half-mile of pedestrian pathways and a dog park. The developer asked that an amenity requirement be waived since the developer has already planned for more amenities, such as the dog park, than the city requires in subdivisions.

Conger Group representative Heath Clark asked that councilmembers waive a maximum lot length requirement of 750 feet as some of the lots in the subdivision measure upwards of 850 to 1,000 feet. The concern from the council was that such stretch of street would pose safety issues without a way to curb speeding vehicles.

“In regard to the lot length, what are other alternatives we can do to mitigate the concern (and implement) traffic calming,” Councilmember Jessica Perreault asked. “Are there tings we can request of the applicant, not necessarily require them (to do)?”

One of the lengths in question is designed to be curved, which would help slow traffic. Other options were to break up block lengths with alleyways, open spaces and intersections.

Main access points for the subdivision would be off Amity from the south and Linder from the west. The developer will also address the design of the street entrances to accommodate for the future widening of Linder Road to three lanes.