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  1. the bank manager Dr. Thomas Malone has an email now. Just write to him at [email protected]


    Is it possibel to advertice a search warrant in your news paper IDAHO BUSINESS REVIEW and how much this will cost. An advertisement like in the good old days in Wild West, reading as follows:

    Wanted only Death and not Alive
    pretending to be Mr. Dr. Thomas Malone,
    Bank Manager of Bank International Transfer Unit,
    CANTOR FITZGERALD BANK, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, USA.
    The person who can proof that he has killed
    aforementioned person, will be offered an award of
    EUR 50’000.00.

  3. I want to know if is a scam site?

  4. Shady Subaru Dealership
    I’m not sure if this is worth a story, but it definitely is for me. Sunday 8/27 I went to Parker Subaru in CDA to test drive a 2017 Subaru Legacy. The sales person was driving, showing me how the smart cruise control works with the blindspot detection to show how it works. Either the salesman did something wrong, or the system failed and we ended up rear-ending a AT&T truck on fourth street at the light waiting to go onto the freeway away from Spokane. During the time no one spoke to me or asked if I was okay and eventually someone else from the dealership came and picked me up. When we got back he asked if I wanted to go into the showroom or to my car. I assumed he wanted to show me more cars so I left. No one got my information or included me on the accident report.

    I proceeded to post about it on facebook and they got in contact with me. My parents and I met with Chris Leonard, the GM at Parker and he said that they were sorry and it was definitely handed wrong. Once I informed him I was hurt he tried to talk me out of it, saying we were not going fast enough for that to happen. Never offering to go get checked out. When I said I would like to get checked out by a doctor he said they would get me their insurance information, they still never have. Chris also mentioned that they picked me up so I wouldn’t have to sit through the police being there and all the paperwork, but when my parents and I called the police inquiring about the accident a few hours later, they said one had never been reported.

    He also said that they would sale me the car at a great deal if I was interested. A 30,500 car became a 28,500 car after it had been in an accident. They refused to go any lower. Both him and Jim Parker, who my father spoke with as well, refuse to sell the car at any loss, despite it being in an accident. So you can get a car that has been in an accident for the same price that you could potentially get a new one.

    They have decided that they no longer want to deal with my family, preferring to work through an attorney. They seem to be dealing very sketchy business there. Selling accident cars for the same as new cars, as well as lying about calling the police, and what seems like refusing to give their insurance information so that I can go to the doctor.

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