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Right-wing chaos is bad business 

Chaos is the new norm after years of Idaho’s single-party politics. Idaho businesses are suffering as a result. The encouraging news is that it’s not too late to step off the destructive path that Idaho’s Republican Party has charted for ...

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Idaho’s infrastructure: Invest now  

In the upcoming session, it’s imperative we address the vast infrastructure needs facing our state, which continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. Idaho’s nearly $2 billion budget surplus and $1 billion from the federal American Rescue Plan Act (and ...

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Leadership’s secret ingredient 

I worked for the Hewlett Packard Company (HP) in Boise for over 30 years. I retired when I was elected to the Idaho Legislature in 2018. A group of former HP employees were recently asked to recount their favorite Bill and Dave story ...

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Long live the consumer 

Recent economic data has shown a rapid inflation pick-up. We are seeing this firsthand in grocery stores and at the pump. While the most recent Consumer Price Index increase was the highest in 30 years, we believe this spike will normalize as we move into 2022. While prices ...

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An incremental approach to measuring performance 

Measuring performance is integral to any organization, be it a private company or a public education system.  Improvement occurs when realistic goals are set, effective strategies put in place and people and institutions are held accountable. The State Board of ...

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5 affordable ways to invest in your employees for the new year 

Research continues to show that investing in the growth of employees significantly benefits organizations. It helps businesses retain their workers and stand out from their competitors. 94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. Additionally, ...

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