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4 tips to help Latina business owners achieve success (access required)

As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage month this year, it’s a good time to recognize the many contributions of Hispanic small business owners. And there truly are many. According to the 2021 LDC U.S. Latino GDP Report, Latinos contributed $2.7 trillion ...

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Prepare local students for the future with hands-on internships (access required)

The days of coffee-running interns are over, or at least, they should be. Since COVID-19, internship rates dropped 30-40% after many companies discontinued their internship programs during 2020 and 2021. Yet, internships are still highly recommended or required for undergraduate ...

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6 ways to run your small business more efficiently  (access required)

Read More Commentary Getting the most out of your small business isn’t always easy. When wearing many hats and working hard to maximize your limited time, some tasks have an opportunity to slip through the cracks. These tips can help ...

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4 reasons why entrepreneurship is critical for Idaho   (access required)

The exceptional economic boom Idaho has witnessed over the past few years has been largely driven by entrepreneurs, who are essential to the state’s success. The Gem State is one of just four states with more jobs than before the ...

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What the City of Boise’s zoning rewrite means for housing affordability (access required)

Boise is home to residences of all shapes and sizes, from traditional single-family homes to multifamily residential units and urban high-rise apartment complexes. The city’s existing zoning codes have been around for over 55 years without much adaptation to address ...

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What to expect when you’re expecting a recession (access required)

Where will the second half of 2022, and even 2023, take us? The Wells Fargo Investment Institute, believes the economic cycle will run faster, interest rates will rise further, and the economy and capital markets will remain fragile in the ...

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Vote for education this summer (access required)

The last thing school patrons may have on their minds as they squeeze in that last barbecue or vacation of the summer is exercising their responsibility as citizens to vote. That’s why it’s so important to remind patrons that some ...

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4 financing options every startup should consider  (access required)

Starting a new business can be among the most rewarding milestones in an entrepreneur’s journey. But no matter how brilliant your business idea, obtaining enough capital to launch your company is essential for success. According to, startup and first-year ...

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Beat your competitors with the best reputation (access required)

Is Idaho a good place to work?

Read More Commentary Building a positive reputation may be the single most important factor differentiating your small business from everyone else in your field.  An excellent reputation can be what propels a business to grow. A negative reputation may be ...

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