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Who is the ‘glue’ in your organization?

In any organization, employees take on different roles, some of which are perceived as core to the organization’s goals. For instance, the work of surgeons in hospitals and pilots in airlines is recognized as critically important, and is usually compensated ...

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Lessons learned from Pocatello’s Garrett Freightlines (access required)

From Albertsons to Boise Cascade, Morrison-Knudson to Micron, and the J.R. Simplot Company to O. P. Skaggs (now Safeway) Grocery Stores, Idaho has a long history as the home of many successful businesses. This semester, the students in my honors ...

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Negotiation skills can be taught (access required)

Are good negotiators born or made? When I discuss this question with students, their answers are generally split. Many of the students I talk to believe that good negotiating is an inherent trait or ability, tied to a person’s personality. ...

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Here’s how to motivate the millennials you manage (access required)

What motivates millennials? This question puzzles many managers, who watch as their newest employees relentlessly browse social media, constantly check their cell phones, ask for a lot of direction and reassurance, and seem to be less committed to their organization ...

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