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A new year, a new set of rules and deadlines for Obamacare (access required)

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What’s a surefire way to stop business owners in their tracks? Throw a whopping dose of uncertainty in their path. They’ll be more likely to hold off on capital investments, freeze hiring and just generally operate in panic mode. In ...

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Med school enrollments rise, but residency spots are limited (access required)

By 2020, the U.S. could find itself more than 90,000 physicians short, according to estimates. Five years later, the shortage could be more than 130,000. An optimistic sign: Nationally, applications and enrollments are increasing at medical schools. But the optimism ...

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Small businesses are not seeing ‘affordable’ part of ACA (access required)

Average premiums paid by small business owners for their employees’ health plans continue to increase, and the National Federation of Independence Business is sick of it. A recent NFIB report found that 64 percent of owners saw their premiums increase ...

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