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Anne Wallace Allen is the editor of the Idaho Business Review.

This is what progress looks like

When I started working at IBR in 2010, there were so many empty parking spaces in BoDo that you could have parked a semitruck and trailer parallel to the sidewalk on Broad Street at midday. Back then, positive business stories ...

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Albertsons reports year-over-year financial improvement

The Boise-based Albertsons Companies, Inc. on July 16 reported improved results for its fiscal first quarter. Albertsons posted a quarterly loss of $17.7 million for the 16 weeks ended June 16, compared with a loss of $204.9 million a year ...

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Study: Pets now outnumber kids in apartments

As apartment residents, pets can be problematic. They sometimes scratch floors and walls; they make noise, and they make other things. But rental property managers and owners who don’t allow pets in this day and age are missing out on ...

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A word with Scott Schoenherr of Rafanelli and Nahas (access required)

Scott Schoenherr is a partner and Boise director of Rafanelli and Nahas, one of the larger property owners in downtown Boise. Schoenherr is a Detroit-area native who started out as a football player at Michigan’s Northwood University, transferred to Michigan ...

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An Idaho housepainter with fans from Toronto to Tehran

Eagle house painter Chris Berry is recognized all the time in Home Depot. Restaurant waiters know who he is. Once, he was riding the subway in London at midnight when a stranger said, “You’re the Idaho house painter.” Fans know ...

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US adds a solid 213,000 jobs; unemployment up to 4 percent

U.S. employers kept up a brisk hiring pace in June by adding 213,000 jobs, a sign of confidence in the economy despite the start of a potentially punishing trade war with China. The job growth wasn’t enough to keep the ...

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