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The days of big data lie ahead for accountants (access required)

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There’s a revolution brewing in public accounting, with big data poised to transform many aspects of how CPA firms do business and service their clients. With access to unprecedented volumes of data and new tools to analyze it becoming available, ...

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Social engineering fraud is a hot topic in the insurance industry (access required)

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An employee in the accounts payable department of a dress manufacturer received an email from her regular contact at a vendor. The email said the company had changed bank accounts and instructed the accounts payable employee to send the $230,000 ...

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Real estate law is becoming increasingly complex (access required)

Attorneys Laurie Reynoldson and Matt Hicks inside one of the Holland & Hart conference rooms on the 17th floor of the Eighth & Main building.  Both said that developers from other markets are sometimes surprised by Idaho’s development laws, specific to land and water use, rather than on redevelopment like other dense population centers.Photo by Glenn Landberg.

Over the last decade, the commercial real estate world has changed dramatically for attorneys, who need to stay on top of new laws and market trends in environmental, land use and financing matters – all while on the grid 24/7. ...

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New program helps fight accounting fraud (access required)

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants launched a new mentoring program in March, as many accounting firms look to grow their forensic practices. The Certified in Financial Forensics Mentor Program will pair proteges – professional accountants interested in developing ...

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Trust-based IRAs not exempt from tax consequences (access required)

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When someone dies and leaves an IRA to an individual, distributions can stretch out over the beneficiary’s lifetime, allowing the funds to grow tax-deferred over many years. But when the IRA is left in a trust for the beneficiary, and ...

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How to get a commercial loan

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In this punishing business environment, getting a commercial loan can be a challenge. While lending institutions are in the business of extending loans, they will steer clear of companies they deem to be risky investments. Companies with questionable track records, ...

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