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Focus on fundamentals in times of adversity

We are facing unprecedented times and dealing with a lot of unexpected change. However, every one of us has experienced unexpected change before. We have been forced to deal with the death of a loved one, a divorce, a legal ...

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Be a champion of change

People process the word “Change” differently. Often, change can be exciting, especially if the change is initiated by oneself. For example, a change in diet, getting married, moving into a new home, changing jobs or getting a new exercise routine.  ...

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Just start!

If you were to take the next minute and write down your dreams, how many would you write? Would you get two, five, eight or maybe even 0? Why is that? Why, as adults, have we stopped dreaming or, worst ...

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The power of diverse perspectives

According to economist and author Scott Paige, “When we solve problems with generally one perspective, we build an error rate of 30%.” An example of this error occurred in the car industry. Previously, teams responsible for testing car safety were ...

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How to make effective and efficient game-time decisions

Technology makes us constantly available and bombarded with endless amounts of information. Leaders must be able to sift through all the incoming information and make quick decisions that could drastically impact personal and professional lives. With this responsibility, we leaders ...

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