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New software often brings security risk, study says (access required)


There is a growing technology gap between the creation of new software and security features to protect it with the “rush to innovate outpacing the urgency to secure the process,” according to a study by CA Technologies. The global study, ...

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Experts: Recent food industry consolidation is a taste of things to come (access required)


Amazon has sent shock waves through the food industry by acquiring Whole Foods. Uber has launched to-go orders through Uber Eats. And the Boise-based grocer Albertsons Companies on Sept. 21 announced it has acquired Plated, a New York-based meal kit ...

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Idaho ranks high for proportion of students with debt (access required)

Students at College of Western Idaho get some study time in at the college's Nampa campus during the first week of classes Aug. 28, 2009.

Idaho has the third-highest in the nation for the proportion of students with educational debt, according to a new study. The study by personal-finance website WalletHub took into account various measures of student debt, such as percent of students with loans ...

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Bank survey: Business leaders are optimistic about the economy (access required)

Businesspeople are becoming more optimistic about the economy, but they aren’t planning on translating that into more hiring or more compensation than in the past, according to a recent survey. In a survey of business clients in the second quarter, ...

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Regulator seeks to make software codes more transparent in automated trading (access required)

What’s in your secret software code? A major regulator wants to make it easier to find out that answer related to automated trading – and it’s causing some pushback from firms worried that their proprietary code, essentially the secret sauce ...

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The taxman goes abroad (access required)

Possibly the biggest global treasure hunt in history is going on, as the U.S. government recovers billions of dollars in taxes owed on money kept in foreign bank accounts with many billions more at stake. The Internal Revenue Service is ...

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Friends without benefits: Companies are now verifying spouses and dependents (access required)

medical ambulance cropped

After letting employees simply add the names of spouses and dependents to health insurance coverage, more firms are taking a Reagan-esque approach to policies: Trust, but verify. They are asking employees to verify spouses’ and dependents’ status with birth and ...

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Charities could take hit if Trump cuts deductions (access required)

Giving may begin at home, but it could end or be reduced in Washington, D.C. , if limits are placed on charitable deductions as President-elect Donald Trump has considered. While there’s been a  focus on corporate and individual tax changes, nonprofits ...

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The question of the hour: What will happen to healthcare costs? (access required)

File photo.

Healthcare has always been full of uncertainty, but a Republican president and Congress have thrown the future of the Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act, also known as the ACA, into doubt. Any crystal ball regarding healthcare from coverage to ...

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