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New federal regulator takes over review of broker-dealer audits (access required)

Even as regulators increased oversight of public companies, banks and the mortgage industry, they often overlooked the brokerage houses themselves that trade securities. Now a new regulator has taken over review of audits of broker-dealers, only to find that the ...

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Accounting salaries are on the upswing (access required)

Finance and accounting salaries are expected to rise 4.5 percent next year, faster than the average increase, amid growing demand and firms’ focus on growth. Staffing firm Robert Half released its predictions the week of Sept. 7 regarding corporate and ...

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Credit unions are ramping up their mortgage lending (access required)

Credit unions are increasing their mortgage lending, boosted by growing awareness and demand, increased lending staff, new regulations regarding counseling and highly competitive rates. A report from the research company TransUnion said credit unions provided 11 percent of U.S. mortgage ...

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The woof of Wall Street (access required)

While parents have long worried about spoiling their children, pampering pets has always seemed relatively virtuous. But from food to fashion to furnishings, the pet-luxury market has reached new levels of excess. Memory-foam dog beds. House-calling groomers. Food prepared from ...

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Banks, processors bet on microchips (access required)

The biggest bet on chips these days isn’t at the casino. Amid concerns over the ease with which credit and debit cards can be counterfeited, banks, retailers and firms that process transactions are shifting to newer, more costly cards with ...

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As bank failures decrease, FDIC premiums don’t (access required)

photo of fdic

After hundreds of banks nationwide failed over the past five years, bank insurance costs skyrocketed. But as the number of failing banks has dwindled, the cost of bank insurance has remained in the stratosphere – and many larger banks are ...

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More CFOs are being outsourced or are working part-time (access required)

Accounting firms are growing their revenue and helping clients grow their businesses, and not just through audits. Some accountants are now serving as full-fledged chief financial officers as client companies opt to outsource one of their most vital executive roles. ...

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Hospital group sues government over two-midnights rule (access required)

Hospitals are suing the federal government over its decision to pay inpatient reimbursement rates only if patients spend “two midnights” in facilities. As of Oct. 1, 2013, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services adopted what’s become known as the ...

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Banks look for a break on mailing out paper notices (access required)

Remember that lengthy notice you got from your bank describing its policies on protecting and sharing your data? No? Well, you almost certainly got one. But you’re not alone in not having read it. The law requires banks to mail ...

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Auto lending revs up (access required)

Even as some competitors exit the space, many banks are ramping up automobile lending. With rates at near-historic lows, car sales are soaring. That hasn’t stopped Florida-based BankUnited from ending its auto-lending operations – sources say the shutdown is in ...

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